PURE ETCR in Monaco – Fun

In the second of our exclusive series of films produced in Monaco in collaboration with Hyundai, we look at how much fun you can have in an electric car.

To help us we enlisted Hyundai ETCR Test and Development Driver Augusto Farfus and world-renowned environmentalist Bertrand Piccard, who showed His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco around the Hyundai Veloster N ETCR.

The Prince was then taken on a unique ride around the streets of the Principality – made famous by the annual Formula 1 Grand Prix – in the passenger seat.

“Every time somebody tries an electric racing car, they come out with a smile because of the amazing power delivery and how quickly it will accelerate,” says Farfus, who has completed thousands of test kilometres in the car over the past year.

After his ride in the Veloster N ETCR, HSH Prince Albert II, whose Principality has hosted an annual electromobility showcase since 2016, praised the concept that PURE ETCR is driving forward with.

“If there’s a series that can not only promote electric vehicles, but also make it competitive and interesting and exciting, then that will hopefully encourage people to drive electric vehicles,” he said.

Piccard, who has spent his life exploring the world and looking for new ways to promote sustainable living, was blown away by the thrill of driving the Veloster N ETCR, which produces 500kW from its ETCR powertrain – the equivalent of a staggering 670bhp!

“If you take an electric vehicle competition, it will not change the world or the climate situation itself,” Piccard said.

“But it sends a signal. That signal is that if you want to be fashionable and be part of the trend and have performance, you can do all of that with an electric vehicle.

“For me there is more fun in an electric car because you recover your energy under braking so you can increase your endurance. You can play with your energy. It’s not just a fuel tank getting empty; it’s a battery getting full.

“PURE ETCR brings a new way to race, making real battles and not just cars turning on a track. All this with no emissions, no noise, better performance… what else can you dream of?”

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