Sporting tweaks to enhance overtaking chances in Spain

PURE ETCR will make a minor adjustment to its sporting format for Race SP at MotorLand Aragón this weekend, aimed at enhancing overtaking opportunities.

The change comes for Round 2, in which the winners of the Round 1 Battles face off for crucial points as they fight for ‘King of the Weekend’ status, and where the runners-up and third-place finishers from the opening round also go head to head.

At Vallelunga, all cars ran with 450kW constant power during Round 2, while at MotorLand Aragón, competitors will instead have 300kW constant power plus 200kW of Power-Up for a maximum of 40 seconds to create a peak power of 500kW – the equivalent of 670bhp.

“We found that the racing at Vallelunga was much better in the rounds where we used Power-Up,” said Xavier Gavory, PURE ETCR Series Director.

“At Vallelunga this meant 40 seconds per driver, per race, where you could increase your power from 300kW to 500kW to try and help overtaking.

“We saw lots of different strategies employed by the drivers and this made the DHL SuperFinals, in particular, breathtaking.

“We only used Power-Up in Round 1 and the DHL SuperFinals in Italy, but in Spain we will add Power-Up to Round 2 to increase the overtaking opportunities.”

An additional change comes in the event schedule, which will now feature The Draw at 21h30 on Thursday night, practice and Round 1 on Friday, Round 2 and the Time Trial on Saturday and the DHL SuperFinals on Sunday.

WATCH LIVE – The Draw at 21h30 CET Thursday

Timetable (all times CET)

Thursday 8 July:

The Draw: 21h30

Friday 9 July:

Free Practice 1: 09h00-09h30

Free Practice 2: 11h30-12h00

Round 1 (Pool A): 14h35-15h00

Round 1 (Pool B): 17h35-18h00

Saturday 19 June:

Round 2 (Pool A): 11h20-12h00

Round 2 (Pool B): 14h50-15h30

Round 3 (Pool A): 18h00-18h30

Round 3 (Pool B): 19h30-20h00

Sunday 20 June:

DHL SuperFinal (Pool A): 09h45-10h00

DHL SuperFinal (Pool B): 16h00-16h20

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