Romeo Ferraris-M1RA to debut sustainable bodywork at Pau-Arnos

Romeo Ferraris-M1RA will introduce a new sustainable technical innovation at the final round of PURE ETCR 2021 this weekend as it debuts bodywork made from hemp-fibre components.

Not content with challenging for both the Drivers’ title with Rodrigo Baptista and contending for the Manufacturers’ crown at Pau-Arnos E-Circuit, the organisation are continuing to move towards a more sustainable future with this technology.

A number of sections of the bodies of the Giulia ETCR by Romeo Ferraris will include MJ 404/100 fabric, more commonly known as ‘Turkish satin hemp’, technology developed between Romeo Ferraris, Fibretech Group, Bercella, Linificio and Canapificio Nazionale.

Materials of vegetable extractions are known to compare well to commonly-used motorsport materials such as carbon-fibre and glass-fibre in weight, elasticity and resistance while also featuring excellent eco-sustainability credentials.”

“We are really proud to be able to announce this technical innovation for the season finale in PURE ETCR,” said Team Principal Michela Cerruti.

“The use of hemp fibre for some bodywork components demonstrates, on the one hand, our constant search for improvements and innovations for the Giulia ETCR project, and on the other hand, the desire to offer a concrete contribution to eco-sustainability, an area where motorsport plays an important role in terms of future development.

We at Romeo Ferraris immediately decided to take up the challenge of a series like PURE ETCR, with full-electric cars that act as a test bench for solutions that we will soon be able to find on everyday vehicles.

“In addition to the strictly motoring front, this process can occur in the development of cutting-edge materials, just like those of vegetable origin on which we have worked together with Fibertech Group and Bercella, two examples of Italian excellence”.

The bodywork will feature on the cars driven by title contender Baptista, the returning Oli Webb, Luca Filippi and PURE ETCR King of Copenhagen Philipp Eng.

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