PURE ETCR Series Director Xavier Gavory guests at SVG Europe Motorsport Show

PURE ETCR Series Director Xavier Gavory has outlined the ways in which the series aims to race and broadcast sustainably as part of the ‘Going Green’ panel at Sports Video Group (SVG) Europe’s annual ‘Motor Show’ this week.

Following the debut of the world’s first all-electric, multi-brand touring car championship, Gavory shared the reasons behind why the series was needed and how it is taking many innovative steps to promote electromobility as a key method of reducing the automotive industry’s impact on the environment.

PURE ETCR’s competing cars – built to WSC’s ETCR technical regulations – produce the equivalent of 670bhp from their 500kW electric powertrains, making them the most powerful and fastest-accelerating touring cars ever built.

With HTWO hydrogen fuel-cell generators powering the series’ Energy Station, only decarbonised electricity will be used in the charging of the racecars on-site, which are powered-up from 10 per cent to over 90 per cent battery capacity in less than an hour.

The addition of an all-weather tyre from Goodyear – meaning fewer have to be made, transported and disposed of – an optimised calendar to reduce journeys and a no-air freight policy, all add to PURE ETCR’s sustainability commitments.

Gavory appears on the Going Green panel with a host of fellow motorsport innovators, including Ali Russell of Extreme E and Julia Pallé of Formula E, both of whom are making their own steps in electric motorsport.

SVG Europe’s Motorsport Show is a production of Sports Video Group (SVG) Europe, whose mission is to advance the creation, production and distribution of sports content.

As well as providing a leading news source to sports content creators across Europe, SVG Europe aims to provide the continent’s leading knowledge resource for this growing community with the ultimate goal of enhancing the overall consumer experience and creating higher quality and more profitability from sports broadcasting.

Recent initiatives include SVG Europe Women, which aims to create a powerful network of females working in the sports media, and the SVG Europe Sports Broadcasting Fund, which provides assistance to those in the industry who require mental health support, counselling or therapy as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Click here to watch the Going Green debate, featuring Xavier Gavory, in full.

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Xavier Gavory, PURE ETCR Series Director, said: “It’s a great privilege to represent PURE ETCR on the Going Green panel as part of SVG Europe’s Motorsport Show. SVG Europe provide a vital service to the industry of sports content creation and distribution of which we at Eurosport Events [the PURE ETCR promoter] are very much a part of. It was interesting to hear from some notable names from other electric series. Ultimately, we are all trying to achieve the same thing, which is to promote electromobility for the good of the planet, and it was great to debate the different ways in which we are trying to achieve this that are extremely complementary to each other.”

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