PURE ETCR in Monaco – Innovation

“Without pioneering spirit, we’d still live in caves.”

Words as true now as they were many years ago; and words that resonate heavily with PURE ETCR ahead of the debut season of this ground-breaking new racing adventure.

In the fifth and final instalment of ‘PURE ETCR in Monaco’, world-renowned environmentalist and adventurer Bertrand Piccard examines the innovation that will drive the world’s first all-electric touring car series.

He believes the pioneering spirit behind the concept, and of the racing cars that will participate, such as the Hyundai Veloster N ETCR, can force a sea-change in the perception of electric cars and drive a faster transition towards improved electromobility.

“Each time you look at the history of humankind, there were people who broke the rules of thinking; who did exactly the opposite of common assumption. Each time it was a huge step to express the values of humankind,” Piccard says.

“These were pioneers, and you need to be courageous to be a pioneer. You’re showing a way nobody is looking at. This is important because in the beginning people look at you and think you’re crazy!”

Piccard believes the embracing of such new thinking and technology is what drives society forwards.

“Without pioneering spirit there would be no art, no culture, no science, no knowledge…” he adds.

“Sometimes there were mistakes made and in the past 100 years the big mistake was done with fossil energy and pollution [creating] this feeling of being invulnerable; that we can do anything and are more powerful than nature…”

Hyundai Motorsport ETCR Development Driver Augusto Farfus said has experienced the pioneering spirit first-hand during the testing process of the Veloster N ETCR, which will race in PURE ETCR’s debut season.

The Brazilian said even he was impressed with the rate of development of the electric Veloster, and the speed at which the team’s engineers had learnt how to get the best out of new, cleaner propulsion technologies, such as the 500kW ETCR battery kit.

“When you get a car going there are so many challenges, especially with this project, which is very new,” he said.

“We had the batteries, the cooling, the new tyre supplier… All different. But right now the car is faster than his older brother. The race fans will be surprised at how fast it goes and how nice the show will be.”

You can watch the latest film right here.

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