PURE ETCR Battle format praised by ETCR creator Lotti

PURE ETCR’s new Battle format will show off the incredible speed of the most powerful touring cars ever built, according to WSC Group president Marcello Lotti.

Lotti’s organisation is responsible for the concept around which the 500kW (equivalent to 670bhp) ETCR racecars are built, and so provided the foundations for PURE ETCR to create the world’s first all-electric, multi-brand touring car championship.

“The PURE ETCR format is completely new and looks very exciting,” said Lotti. “The Battle format mixes pure racing with a bit of something from rallycross. I think it will be very exciting for the fans.

“This format can show the full potential of the car because you can run 500kW, full-throttle, and it will be a good way to promote this new electric motorsport concept.”

The innovative new format replaces that of a traditional circuit race for the PURE ETCR competitors. A random draw will determine grid positions for the numerous short, sharp, knockout Battles instead of a more common qualifying session.

The winners of these Battles, which are limited to 10km to guarantee pure start-to-finish action, progress to the latter stages of the contest, with the winner of the ‘A’ final being crowned King of Queen of the event.

Racers will line up at the beginning of each Battle inside PURE ETCR’s giant Starting Gate, with razor-sharp reactions needed to reach Turn One in first place after the gates swing open at a moment’s notice.

PURE ETCR is the first series to be created using ETCR cars and will get underway at Vallelunga, Italy on June 18-20 as part of a five-event inaugural calendar that includes Battles in Europe and Asia.

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