Hyundai Veloster N ETCR in high-speed Daytona demo

The Hyundai Veloster N ETCR, which will compete in PURE ETCR this year, became the first electric touring car to lap the legendary Daytona International Speedway on Friday.

Hyundai Motorsport Test and Development Driver Augusto Farfus took the Veloster around the 5.73km Daytona sports car course at astonishing speed; its 500kW powertrain producing an equivalent of 670bhp on the 31-degree banking.

The demonstration, which was organised by ETCR creator WSC and IMSA as part of the 24 Hours of Daytona weekend, was also the first appearance by an ETCR car in the USA.

Farfus said: “It was a unique experience to drive the Veloster N ETCR on this track; one of the most iconic of the planet.

“The car was really fast on the oval, although it has not been designed for racing on the banking, but for short and very intense races.

“However, today we have proved that an ETCR car can also perform well on a track like this.”

The Hyundai Veloster N ETCR will contest the inaugural PURE ETCR series, the world’s first all-electric, multi-brand touring car championship in 2021.

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