Goodyear named PURE ETCR founding partner and official tyre supplier

PURE ETCR is delighted to announce Goodyear, one of the most iconic brands in motor racing, as a founding series partner as well as its official tyre supplier.

Goodyear is developing a bespoke tyre for PURE ETCR that will incorporate technology from the latest Eagle F1 SuperSport ultra-high performance tyre, to cope with the unique demands of putting 500kw of energy through the rear wheels of the electric touring cars.

The Eagle F1 SuperSport’s treaded design means drivers can use the same tyre in wet or dry track conditions.

This means fewer tyres will be taken to each race and aligns perfectly with Pure ETCR’s philosophy of driving change towards ever-cleaner and more sustainable motor racing.

François Ribeiro, Head of Eurosport Events, the PURE ETCR promoter, said: “Goodyear has a long and incredibly successful history in motorsport and we are very proud it has chosen PURE ETCR for its first international venture into electric motor racing.

“This venture perfectly complements our partnership with Goodyear in WTCR, which we also expect to be highly successful. With a bespoke high-tech, all-weather design, fewer tyres need to be produced for PURE ETCR and this aligns perfectly with our sustainability commitments.”

Goodyear has focused on producing a tyre with a rapid warm-up time, enabling drivers to go flat-out from the start of their Battles, despite the quick-fire nature and short, sharp races designed to allow the limits of the 500kw racing cars to be pushed to the maximum.

This means no need for costly tyre-warming equipment, while the wide operating window of the Eagle F1 SuperSport road tyre has also been adapted for use on the racetrack to provide a product that can stand up to the high-intensity of flat-out racing.

Mike Rytokoski, Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer, Goodyear Consumer Europe, said that the company’s experience of developing tyres for the electric-vehicle industry would guarantee high-performance, yet durable, products for PURE ETCR.

“High-performance road electric vehicles have very different needs to their petrol or diesel equivalents,” Rytokowski said.

“They are heavier and have more torque, delivered immediately. Goodyear has developed tyres that can cope with this instant power delivery, delivering high grip and traction hand in hand with low rolling resistance to increase range and efficiency.

“Our partnership with PURE ETCR is much more than just supplying race tyres. Together, we will use racing to develop technology to thrill the next generation of high-performance driver.”

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