Five new films showcase PURE ETCR’s drive towards a world of electromobility

PURE ETCR is proud to unveil a new series of short films showing how the series aims to inspire a major change in the thinking surrounding electric vehicle.

Produced in Monaco in collaboration with Hyundai Motorsport, the five films explore the themes of technology, fun, environment and innovation and how PURE ETCR can be a driving force in the push towards low-emissions mobility in the future.

Episode 1, Technic focuses on how responsible use of the knowledge gained by mankind can be used for the good of the planet and reveals how the lessons learnt by Hyundai in PURE ETCR will have a direct impact on its next generation of electric cars.

World-renowned adventurer, environmentalist and chairman of the Solar Impulse Foundation, Bertrand Piccard, climbed behind the wheel of the Hyundai Veloster N ETCR – the car for a few highly-charged tours around Monaco.

Lapping the iconic Formula 1 Grand Prix circuit with His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco as an interested passenger gave Piccard a taste of what’s to come when PURE ETCR gets underway at Italy’s Autodromo Vallelunga in June.

“For a long time ecologists have shown a very dull and boring world; a world of less mobility, less consumption, less comfort and less growth,” Piccard said.

“That was not very attractive. So for 50 years the ecologists did not have much success. Now I think the disruption is to show ecology through a window of something that is bringing enthusiasm, passion, performance and profitability.

“When you see the new championship of PURE ETCR, you see exactly these things. You can do better with electric cars and bring a new way to race.”

After his passenger rider, HSH Prince Albert II reiterated the Principality’s ambitious targets for reducing its own mobility emissions.

“For years now we’ve had an electric vehicle show in Monaco, so we’ve been promoting the idea of clean mobility – especially in the city.

“We have now seven per cent of total vehicles [in Monaco] that are electric. We hope to reach 10 per cent very soon.

“We have targets that we announced [previously]; one is a 55 per cent reduction in greenhouse gases by 2030, and the other is to be carbon-neutral by 2050. Every effort we can do in these areas will be successes.”

The five films will be released on a weekly basis, starting this week, and will be watchable via the PURE ETCR website and social media channels.

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