Farfus ‘would love’ Hyundai Motorsport PURE ETCR race seat

Augusto Farfus would love the opportunity to race for Hyundai Motorsport in PURE ETCR’s inaugural championship next year.

The Brazilian is currently the Test Driver for Hyundai and has been at the forefront of the development programme for the brand-new Veloster N ETCR, which will compete in the world’s first all-electric, multi-brand touring car series in 2021.

As part of PURE ETCR’s Grand Reveal last week in Copenhagen, he drove the Veloster through the streets of the Danish capital, giving the car its public dynamic world debut, before parking in the series’ Energy Station, which had been unveiled earlier.

When asked if he would like to race the car in 2021, Farfus responded: “Of course I would love to. It’s 100 per cent my target, but it will be up to [Hyundai Motorsport Team Principal] Mr [Andrea] Adamo to make the call.

“Motorsport has never seen something like PURE ETCR before; it’s totally new. It has the potential to grow and to be a really big championship worldwide.

“I’m really enjoying the development programme and really want to be a part of racing this car.

Like all cars taking part in PURE ETCR, the Hyundai will be propelled by a powertrain comprising Williams Advanced Engineering battery, Magelec gearbox, motors and inverters and BrightLoop DC-DC converters

Pushing out a peak energy level of 500kW (the equivalent of 670bhp), the touring cars seen in PURE ETCR races will be the most powerful and fastest-accelerating ever made.

Farfus said that the biggest difference between the Veloster N ETCR and the Hyundai i30

“There’s no engine in the front,” he added. “The motor is all behind the driver, so that means the weight distribution is totally different, plus it’s rear-wheel-drive, so the handling is unique for a touring car and the way we prepare the car has to be unique too.

“It’s extremely powerful and Goodyear has supplied a unique tyre that can be used in all conditions. As well, the race format is so different to what we’re used to in touring cars, so it’s a lot to learn and get used to. I think we’re going to see a great show though.”

Re-live the Copenhagen Grand Reveal.

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