Under the skin of CUPRA’s PURE ETCR racer

For the first time, fans can go behind-the-scenes at CUPRA Racing to see how the brand-new CUPRA e-Racer, which will compete in the inaugural PURE ETCR season in 2020, is put together.

This video released by CUPRA Racing goes under the skin of the all-new fully-electric racer, which produces upto 500kW from its power unit – the equivalent of 680bhp – and makes it one of the most powerful touring cars ever built.

The CUPRA e-Racer is based on the latest-generation CUPRA Leon, which is 50mm longer than its predecessor and features the model’s most streamlined design to date.

With a battery capacity expanded to 6,270 units and a revised interior layout, superior cooling and faster charging is possible.

Its four-engine, single-gear powertrain layout, including battery unit from Williams Advanced Engineering, weighs just 500kg, enabling lightning-quick acceleration and a 0-100kph time of only 3.2 seconds.

“We’ve taken a step forwards in safety as we’ve worked on the battery’s resistance to impact and intrusion,” said Xavi Serra, CUPRA Racing Head of Technical Development.

“The weight of many of the components has also been optimised. Internally, the bodywork features significant changes to install the battery and other electrical components.“Not only has the safety arc been reinforced from a racing point of view, we’ve also worked with the new components to achieve a better level of rigidity and torsion.”

PURE ETCR kicks off in the second half of 2020 with a promotional series of events across a variety of circuits.

With competitors fighting for glory across a number of short, sharp, battles, and putting their reflexes to the test out of a unique starting-gate system, a thrilling contest is guaranteed for fans all over the world.

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